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Søren Kierkegaard to Regine Olsen – no date (translated by Henric Rosenmeier) - 4

My Regine!
Es endet Schmerz
So wie der Scherz
So wie die Nacht
Eh' man's gedacht.
(Grief ceases 
As does jesting
As does the night
Before one expected it to do so.
 L.A. von Arnim, Halle und Jerusalem)

The other day when you came to see me you told me that when you were confirmed your father presented you with a bottle of lily of the valey (Extrait double de Muguet). Perhaps you thought that I did not hear this, or perhaps you thought that it had slipped by my ear like so much else that finds no response within. But not at all! But as that flower conceals itself so prettily within its big leaf, so I first allowed the plan of sending you the enclosed to conceal itself in the hals-transparent veil of oblivion so that, freed from every external consideration, even the most illusive, rejuvenated to a new life in comparison with which its first existence was but earthly life, it might now exude that fragrance for which longing and memory ("from the spring of my youth") are rivals. However, it was nearly impossible for me to obtain this essence in Copenhagen. Yet in this respect there is also a providence, and the blind god of love always finds a way. You happen to receive it at this very moment ( just before you leave the house), because I know that you, too, know the infinity of the moment. I only hope it will not be too late. Hasten, my messanger, hasten my thought, and you, my Regine, pause for an instant, for only a moment stand still.

Yours eternally, S.K. 

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