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Søren Kierkegaard to Regine Olsen – October 20 1840 (translated by Henric Rosenmeier)

My Regine!
.......................... And winter came, and flowers withered, but some he took in and saved from the cold. And he sat by the window and, filled with yearning, held them up. But the life in them was too week, and in order to preserve it if possible, he crushed them in his hand, and they died; but one drop remained, which, born in pain, has an immortality that only the fragrance of flowers and old melodies have.
Take at once my letter on its long journey!
Genie of the Ring:
Thou never hadst such quick conveyance!
Your eternally, S.K.

EK: Quoted from memory from  Adam Oehlenschläger "Aladdin , or, The wonderful lamp".

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